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Calling All Fellow Amazon Associates

You may wonder: How does Price Tempter do it? How is their content always accurate in terms of price and availability? The answer is relatively simple, our algorithm ensures consistency and accuracy in the content we present on our website. As an Amazon Associate, we want to provide the best experience possible on our website; we accomplish this by updating our content at least 5x daily and by providing price guidance for thousands of products.

What is the problem?

We know many associates struggle to update their websites’ content. After reviewing 30+ affiliate websites, we realized about 9/10 have outdated pricing and many featured items are not available when you click through to Amazon. Talk about a poor customer experience. Nonetheless, we decided to market our unique capabilities to fellow bloggers and Amazon associates. Announcing: List Builder.

List Builder will be the go-to for all associates wanting to create a list of products on Amazon with accurate content. List Builder saves time and sanity by dynamically updating and sorting the products on your list.

If you are a fellow associate, then you know prices and stock constantly fluctuate on Amazon; and accurately reflecting Amazon pricing and on your website is a struggle. Instead of mindlessly updating prices on a daily basis and adjusting your list based on availability, allow List Builder to take care of it for you.

How do we solve it?

Using List Builder is quite simple. Essentially, all we need is an affiliate tag and a list of products. Depending on the need, we can create a short or long list with prices, images, commentary, price guidance, star rating, etc. Our program updates multiple times throughout the day to ensure an accurate reflection of price and availability.

Any blogger, influencer, or associate will be able to benefit from List Builder by saving time and seeing an increase in sales. The Price Tempter team is excited to share their unique list building capabilities with fellow associates and lead as a pioneer in superior affiliate marketing.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more.

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