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Capture Your Summer Adventures

Eager for a normal summer filled with outdoor adventures, good food, and quality time with those you love? Same here! If you are anything like us at Price Tempter, you may be searching for a high-quality camera to capture those high-quality memories – but you want a good deal!

We recommend adding your favorite cameras to your Amazon wish list and then submitting your list to Price Tempter. We will track prices for you and let you know when the product reaches a ‘Go For It’ level discount.

On top of that, you can view our ‘Best Mirrorless Cameras’ list and see which products are currently available at a huge discount. Mirrorless Cameras are actually more compact, light, faster, and offer better video quality than DSLR’s, posing as the perfect addition to your summer adventures.

As of May 23, 2020, the Sony a6000 is discounted 27% to a price of $508 – aka ‘Go For It’! The Sony a6000 has 1000+ ratings on Amazon and a star rating of 4.5. Customers love that the Sony a6000 captures beautiful photos with immaculate detail and is easy to travel with.

We went ahead and checked out YouTube video reviews and were left in awe of the image and video quality of a Sony a6000. Cody Blue’s video review is particularly notable as he showed the camera in action capturing imagery of people close-up along with beautiful scenic vistas in nature. He points out that barely any editing is needed when you use the Sony a6000.

Go ahead and check out the Sony a6000 on Price Tempter! It is a great camera with a huge discount, and it will serve as the perfect addition to your summer adventures. While you are browsing Price Tempter, feel free to look at other Mirrorless Cameras we qualify as ‘Go For It’!

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