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Calling All Fellow Amazon Associates

You may wonder: How does Price Tempter do it? How is their content always accurate in terms of price and availability? The answer is relatively simple, our algorithm ensures consistency and accuracy in the content we present on our website. As an Amazon Associate, we want to provide the best experience possible on our website; we accomplish this by updating our content at least 5x daily and by providing price guidance for thousands of products.

What is the problem?

We know many associates struggle to update their websites’ content. After reviewing 30+ affiliate websites, we realized about 9/10 have outdated pricing and many featured items are not available when you click through to Amazon. Talk about a poor customer experience. Nonetheless, we decided to market our unique capabilities to fellow bloggers and Amazon associates. Announcing: List Builder.

List Builder will be the go-to for all associates wanting to create a list of products on Amazon with accurate content. List Builder saves time and sanity by dynamically updating and sorting the products on your list.

If you are a fellow associate, then you know prices and stock constantly fluctuate on Amazon; and accurately reflecting Amazon pricing and on your website is a struggle. Instead of mindlessly updating prices on a daily basis and adjusting your list based on availability, allow List Builder to take care of it for you.

How do we solve it?

Using List Builder is quite simple. Essentially, all we need is an affiliate tag and a list of products. Depending on the need, we can create a short or long list with prices, images, commentary, price guidance, star rating, etc. Our program updates multiple times throughout the day to ensure an accurate reflection of price and availability.

Any blogger, influencer, or associate will be able to benefit from List Builder by saving time and seeing an increase in sales. The Price Tempter team is excited to share their unique list building capabilities with fellow associates and lead as a pioneer in superior affiliate marketing.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more.

Company News

Welcome to Price Tempter!

Get great stuff on Amazon at a great price!

We are ex-Amazonians who love building fun buying experiences. We built Price Tempter to save people money by letting you know when a product you want has a great price and we want that to be as easy as possible for you.

Working at Amazon, we discovered a secret that not many people think about. Online shopping is tailored to ‘Buy Now’ — and often that is exactly what you want. However, frequently there are products you don’t need right away or aren’t quite ready to buy. With a little patience, you can save a lot of money on those purchases.

Millions of price adjustments happen every day on For example, Walmart launches a sale and Amazon decides to price match. Another retailer wants to clear out an end-of-life product, but others retailers don’t know that so it triggers a price decline and sometimes even price spirals. A vendor funds a promotion with one retailer and other retailers follow suit. A sudden spike in demand for a product causes retailers to raise prices to preserve inventory. Most of these adjustments happen using automated systems to react in seconds as conditions change. Like airline prices, online prices fluctuate like crazy and saving money is all about timing.

With these insights, we set out to build Price Tempter, a simple personal shopping assistant. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to find lists of items that interest you, track your Amazon lists, and alert you when a product price makes it a great time to buy. Tracking product price changes with Price Tempter could save you hundreds of dollars every year.

We hope you love the service. We love feedback from our customers about your shopping experiences, how we’re doing, and what we can do to serve you better. Contact [email protected], message us on Facebook, or submit feedback at the bottom of any page on our site (if you’re logged in).

Justin Maner - Founder - Price Tempter - Get great stuff on Amazon at a great price
Stefan Haney - Founder - Price Tempter - Get great stuff on Amazon at a great price
Cal Freitas - Founder - Price Tempter - Get great stuff on Amazon at a great price