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Calling All Fellow Amazon Associates

You may wonder: How does Price Tempter do it? How is their content always accurate in terms of price and availability? The answer is relatively simple, our algorithm ensures consistency and accuracy in the content we present on our website. As an Amazon Associate, we want to provide the best experience possible on our website; we accomplish this by updating our content at least 5x daily and by providing price guidance for thousands of products.

What is the problem?

We know many associates struggle to update their websites’ content. After reviewing 30+ affiliate websites, we realized about 9/10 have outdated pricing and many featured items are not available when you click through to Amazon. Talk about a poor customer experience. Nonetheless, we decided to market our unique capabilities to fellow bloggers and Amazon associates. Announcing: List Builder.

List Builder will be the go-to for all associates wanting to create a list of products on Amazon with accurate content. List Builder saves time and sanity by dynamically updating and sorting the products on your list.

If you are a fellow associate, then you know prices and stock constantly fluctuate on Amazon; and accurately reflecting Amazon pricing and on your website is a struggle. Instead of mindlessly updating prices on a daily basis and adjusting your list based on availability, allow List Builder to take care of it for you.

How do we solve it?

Using List Builder is quite simple. Essentially, all we need is an affiliate tag and a list of products. Depending on the need, we can create a short or long list with prices, images, commentary, price guidance, star rating, etc. Our program updates multiple times throughout the day to ensure an accurate reflection of price and availability.

Any blogger, influencer, or associate will be able to benefit from List Builder by saving time and seeing an increase in sales. The Price Tempter team is excited to share their unique list building capabilities with fellow associates and lead as a pioneer in superior affiliate marketing.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more.

Featured List

GoPro With Your Adventures

We are officially knee deep into summer and adventure outdoors awaits. Whether you find yourself at the beach, hiking in the mountains, river rafting, or simply splashing around in your neighborhood pool, you’ll need a GoPro to capture those priceless and epic moments. As per usual, Price Tempter has already created an All Things GoPro list for you to subscribe to and receive pricing guidance for.

Fortunately, you can buy a GoPro Hero 5 on Amazon for $169 at 44% off (price as of July 15, 2020)! Here is a prime example of a warehouse deal making it affordable to buy premium technology. For those unfamiliar with warehouse deals – brace yourself, for they will become your best friend. Amazon warehouse deals are available for returned products with minimal use. Thankfully, Amazon will inform you of the products condition so that you can be confident in your purchase and in what you will receive in the mail. Please note: warehouse deals labeled as “Renewed”, “Used – Like New”, and “Used – Very Good” are excellent deals.

Buy a GoPro Hero 5 for $169!


On to more exciting matters, the GoPro Hero 5 has a 4.2-star rating based on over 3,000 reviews; many reviewers appreciate its durability and high-quality footage. The GoPro Hero 5 shoots 4k video and 12MP photos in a single burst. The camera is waterproof up to 33 feet, making it the perfect accessory for snorkeling, scuba diving, or surfing!

Interested in knowing detailed specifications about the GoPro Hero 5? Orange83 gives excellent reviews and clearly articulates the pro’s and cons of the GoPro Hero 5.

Needless to say, the GoPro Hero 5 is an excellent action camera fit for all adventures. Check it out on Amazon today.

Bonus Video

Last but not least, watch the following video to see breath-taking vistas, action packed adventures, and be left in awe of the GoPro Hero 5.

Best of luck in your next adventure with a GoPro Hero 5.


Pamper yourself with Premium Skin care

Calling all ladies! The Clarisonic Mia Smart facial cleansing brush is fantastic and currently 43% off on Amazon (as of July 3, 2020); you can buy it for $84.50! Talk about a great deal! Nothing beats having clean and smooth skin – especially in the summertime.

You’ll find this Go For It deal featured in the Premium Skin Care for Women list. Our Premium Skin Care for Women list is perfect for you if you are searching for high quality beauty products. Here you will find several Go For It deals from the Clarisonic brand, but we want to call your attention to the Clarisonic Mia Smart facial cleansing brush. Facial cleansers like this one are proven to be extremely effective in terms of deeply cleansing the skin and rejuvenating it.

You will find numerous video reviews on YouTube for the Clarisonic facial brush but we wanted to call your attention to the review given by Erin Lawrence with Tech Gadgets Canada.

Erin gives a glowing review of the facial cleansing brush and includes a few demos. The facial cleansing brush is compatible with several different heads, each with a different purpose: basic cleansing, sensitive skin cleansing, exfoliating, eye massaging, and foundation blending. Needless to say, the Clarisonic facial brush can do it all – especially if you purchase alternative head attachments.

Go ahead and check out the Clarisonic Mia Smart facial cleansing brush on Price Tempter. It is an excellent facial cleanser with a huge discount! Your skin will thank you.

Featured List

Let’s Get Cooking!

Summertime is here and it is time to get cooking! There are so many fun dishes to make during the summertime, but you need to properly equip your kitchen first. Our Price Tempter list, Top Rated Kitchen Utensils and Gadgets, features the best products on Amazon you’ll need for basic cooking and baking.

We want to call to your attention three of current Go For It deals in the list that will help you take cooking and baking to a whole new level.

Zyliss Susi 3 Garlic Press

Buy the Zyliss Susi 3 Garlic Press for $13.29 – 33% off! The Zyliss Susi 3 Garlic Press is fantastic in that it peels and minces your garlic for you! No need to waste 5-10 minutes peeling your garlic before you mince it.

Shrimp Scampi – recipe courtesy of Ree Dummond with the Food Network – is an excellent recipe (and personal favorite!) to use the Zyliss Susi 3 Garlic Press with. The recipe is easy to make and perfect for summertime as a few of its key ingredients are garlic, lemon, and of course, shrimp.

Mueller Onion Chopper Pro Vegetable Chopper

If you like cooking with vegetables and fruit, then the Mueller Onion Chopper Pro Vegetable Chopper is perfect for you and is currently available for $14.97 – 24% off! I love going to Sweet Green for their Harvest Bowl, but I have also enjoyed making it at home with my family using a copycat recipe. Spoon University provides an excellent recipe to follow if you love the Sweet Green Harvest Bowl – or any healthy grain bowl!

The Mueller Onion Chopper Pro Vegetable Chopper will serve you well making any grain bowl and will help you chop the sweet potatoes, apples, almonds, and even goat cheese.

9-inch Round Bread Banneton Proofing Basket

Many of us hopped on the homemade bread making train and are loving it. One product in particular helps with making sourdough or artisan bread and happens to be discounted 31% right now! Buy a 9-inch Round Bread Banneton Proofing Basket for $7.49 to help your dough rise and shape before baking it.

When I first began baking sourdough bread, I found this tutorial from Kitchn helpful. Sourdough is great for summertime meals and would go excellently with a copycat harvest bowl or shrimp scampi!

Cooking does not need to be a chore and can actually be quite fun and enjoyable with the right tools. Happy cooking!

Featured List

Win Working From Home

Slowly but surely society has inched towards remote work; but recent events have forced us to dive into the deep-end with home offices and digital meetings. Being productive at home may be challenging, but not impossible! We understand the struggle that comes with finding work life balance and are here to help by providing two simple tips and giving you a Price Tempter list: Work From Home Essentials available on Amazon.

Keep a Routine

You must maintain a schedule to be productive. Similar to how you went into the office from 9 to 5, you must decide when you will hold home office hours – otherwise your workday will drag on and you may find yourself responding to emails at midnight. Determine when you will be online and be productive during that window; go a step further and decide when you will be offline and dedicate this time to family and friends.

In keeping a routine, it helps to plan in detail. Decide during which hours of the day you will complete your own work, prep for meetings, help coworkers, take coffee breaks, eat, and exercise. Start planning your day in detail – you will find yourself more accountable and organized!

Find a Quiet Space

Separating yourself from chaos in your house or apartment is crucial. Working from home may come with loud children or roommates, but it is important to set boundaries and be apart from them when working. You may even need to set noise rules with whom you live.

When finding a quiet space to work in, you must remove distractions and mirror your work environment. Be sure to have a desk, chair, and plenty of space to be organized in your quiet space.

Keeping a routine and finding a quiet space is sure to cover the basics of working from home. If you find yourself struggling to be productive, consider how improving your routine, being more organized, and eliminating distractions may solve your problem. You would be surprised how all-encompassing these two simple tips are.

Check out Price Tempter’s list of Work From Home Essentials; here you will find all you need to succeed being productive with remote work along with pricing recommendations.

Featured List

Say “Yes” to the Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Build positive rapport with your Dad and give him the perfect gift for Father’s Day – and save money while doing it! While you can find nearly anything on Amazon, it may not be the right price – let Price Tempter tell you when to buy.

Here is the ultimate shopping guide to Father’s Day. Many of the Price Tempter lists feature perfect Father’s Day gifts and you deserve to know about them. Whether your Father is tech savvy, fit, or a DIY kind of man, we have the perfect list of gift ideas for you with price guidance.

Tech Savvy Dad’s

  1. Top Rated Mirrorless Digital Camera’s: capture your favorite family memories with a mirrorless camera. The picture quality is excellent, and they are compact and easy to travel with.
  2. Top Rated Portable Bluetooth Speakers: convenient and fun! Spice up your Dad’s life by giving him the gift of background music.
  3. All Things GoPro: for the Dad’s craving adventure; afterall, age is just a number! Bonus: generations to come can view high quality photos and videos of their Grandpa.
  4. Top Rated Surveillance and Security Camera: for the – overly? – protective and cautious Dad’s.
  5. Top Rated Earphones: fit for exercising, working, or doing household chores. Empower him to channel his inner Star-Lord – Peter Quill from Guardians of the Galaxy – and dance to his heart’s content!
  6. Top Rated Apple Products: a simple gift with great utility! You cannot go wrong here.
  7. Swiss Watches for Men: for those of you having a great year and want to get your dad something nice – $$$ – for work and special occasions.
Buy your Dad a GoPro Hero5 for nearly 50% off!

Fit Father’s

  1. Electric Bicycles (eBikes) for Adults: amp up their bicycling game and get them an eBike! Easy to use and suitable for all ages.
  2. Top Rated Treadmills: if your Dad is struggling to reach his new year’s fitness resolution, help him out with a treadmill!
  3. Best Smartwatches: for all the Dads who dutifully exercise! Help them keep track of their fitness goals and each calorie they burn.
An FitFort Smart Watch for 35% off! Great Go For It deal.

DIY Obsessed Dad’s

  1. Top Rated Drill Drivers: let’s be real – every household needs a drill. Gift your Dad his first or replace an old one.
  2. DIY FTW – Gardening Tools: Summer is flying by, but it is never too late to start gardening! Help your Dad find a new hobby.
  3. Grinding out Home Improvement: if your Dad recently started working from home, he is likely finding new home improvement projects to get his hands dirty with. Gift him the tools to do so!
  4. Top Milwaukee Power & Hand Tools: excellent brand, state-of-the-art tools. If you know nothing about tools, trust us when we tell you, “You cannot go wrong with Milwaukee.”
  5. Top Festoon Power & Hand Tools: premier products suited for construction, carpentry, and painting. Perfect for any DIY home improvement project.
  6. Top Rated Line Lasers: your Dad likely has an old leveler, but the time has come for an upgrade. Line Lasers are more effective and easier to use.
  7. Top Rated Kitchen Utensils and Gadgets: we all love a Dad who can whip up something delicious in the kitchen. Take your Dad to the next level in Chopped and gift him the utensils and gadgets he needs.
  8. Top Rated Men’s Watches: regardless of what your Dad is doing around the house or in the yard, he needs a good watch to keep track of time.
Replace your Dad’s old Rotary Hammer with a new one for 27% off!

Last but not least, Top Rated Cologne for all three Dad’s because regardless of what they are doing, we want them to smell great.

Hopefully you find some top-notch gifts for your Dad this Father’s Day and save some money in the process. Pay attention to our ‘Go For It’ pricing recommendations and sit back and relax.

Featured List

Welcome to the Jigsaw Jungle!

Say “Goodbye” to boring rainy days and “Hello!” to jigsaw puzzles. We gain minimal intellectual stimulation from activities such as: perusing social media, shopping online, and watching TV. Unfortunately, this is where we waste the bulk of our time. Instead, we recommend turning up the background music and working a puzzle.

Price Tempter has your jigsaw puzzle needs covered. You name the category, we got it – we have over 30 lists featuring different themed jigsaw puzzles! Pick your favorite theme and receive recommendations on which are a great deal.

As of June 2, 2020, here are a few of our best ‘Go For It’ recommendations:

List: EuroGraphics Jigsaw Puzzles
List: Jigsaw Puzzles – Promising New Arrivals
List: TV & Movie Themed Jigsaw Puzzles
List: Learning Themed Jigsaw Puzzles
List: Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids

Subscribe to any of our Price Tempter Jigsaw Puzzle lists:

  1. Promising New Arrivals
  2. Star Wars
  3. Marvel
  4. Avengers
  5. Disney
  6. Spider-Man
  7. Top Rated
  8. Disney Princess
  9. EuroGraphics
  10. Animals & Nature
  11. Space and Astronaut
  12. For Kids
  13. 300 Pieces
  14. 500 Pieces
  15. 750 Pieces
  16. 1000 Pieces
  17. Buffalo Games
  18. Transportation
  19. Cra-Z-Art
  20. TV & Movie
  21. Cobble Hill
  22. Learning & Teaching
  23. Fantasy and Sci-Fi
  24. Sports
  25. Ravensburger
  26. Sunsout
  27. Comic
  28. Music
  29. White Mountain
  30. D-O-W-D-L-E
  31. Harry Potter

We hope you feel as much satisfaction finishing a jigsaw puzzle as we do! Happy puzzling!

Shopping Tips

All You Need Is Price Tempter and Patience

There are a few kinds of Amazon shoppers: Diligent Dan, Hopeless Hannah, and Smart Sally. While there is no right way to shop on Amazon, we believe there is a best way with Price Tempter.

Diligent Dan

Diligent Dan knows the ins and outs of ecommerce. He knows where to check for the best deals and knows when and why prices are dropping. He often finds himself thinking, “I am an expert Amazon shopper. I know where to cross-reference prices and which plugins to use. I may spend hours monitoring prices, but it pays off”

Is Diligent Dan going overboard? Perhaps. If you are a Diligent Dan, there is hope. Free up hours of your time and head over to Price Tempter – we will do the heavy lifting for you.

Hopeless Hannah

Hopeless Hannah cannot be bothered finding deals on Amazon. She wants to place her order and move on. She firmly believes, “In my case, the products I am shopping for are rarely discounted, so it does me no good to be patient shopping on Amazon.”

Hannah may feel there is no hope, but there is. For almost every product on Amazon, you can expect the price to fluctuate. We currently see select wireless earbuds discounted up to 64%! Become a Hopeful Hannah and let Price Tempter notify you of price drops on your wish list!

Smart Sally

Smart Sally joined the Price Tempter family early on and has seen consistent savings since. Price Tempter tracks the prices of her Amazon wish list and other lists she subscribes to. Smart Sally waits patiently for Price Tempter to notify her of ‘Go For It’ recommendations and then makes her purchase.

How can you be like Smart Sally? It is easy.

  1. Go to Price Tempter and create an account linked to your email account.
  2. Submit your Amazon wish list to Price Tempter and we will track the prices and make recommendations on when is best to buy.
  3. Subscribe to other Price Tempter lists like Top Rated Apple Products and receive notifications for them as well.
  4. Purchase whatever and whenever you want and save money!
  5. Spend less time searching for deals and more time with your family and friends.

Be like Smart Sally. Save money. Save time. Save sanity. Most importantly, be patient and use Price Tempter.

Subscribe to Price Tempter today.

Featured List

Capture Your Summer Adventures

Eager for a normal summer filled with outdoor adventures, good food, and quality time with those you love? Same here! If you are anything like us at Price Tempter, you may be searching for a high-quality camera to capture those high-quality memories – but you want a good deal!

We recommend adding your favorite cameras to your Amazon wish list and then submitting your list to Price Tempter. We will track prices for you and let you know when the product reaches a ‘Go For It’ level discount.

On top of that, you can view our ‘Best Mirrorless Cameras’ list and see which products are currently available at a huge discount. Mirrorless Cameras are actually more compact, light, faster, and offer better video quality than DSLR’s, posing as the perfect addition to your summer adventures.

As of May 23, 2020, the Sony a6000 is discounted 27% to a price of $508 – aka ‘Go For It’! The Sony a6000 has 1000+ ratings on Amazon and a star rating of 4.5. Customers love that the Sony a6000 captures beautiful photos with immaculate detail and is easy to travel with.

We went ahead and checked out YouTube video reviews and were left in awe of the image and video quality of a Sony a6000. Cody Blue’s video review is particularly notable as he showed the camera in action capturing imagery of people close-up along with beautiful scenic vistas in nature. He points out that barely any editing is needed when you use the Sony a6000.

Go ahead and check out the Sony a6000 on Price Tempter! It is a great camera with a huge discount, and it will serve as the perfect addition to your summer adventures. While you are browsing Price Tempter, feel free to look at other Mirrorless Cameras we qualify as ‘Go For It’!

Shopping Tips

All You Need To Know About Warehouse Deals

Amazon Warehouse Deals account for over 47% of our ‘Go For It’ recommendations on Price Tempter and the average discount for a Warehouse Deal is over 36%! Trouble is, after clicking on Amazon, the product is marked as ‘Used’. Buying used products can be risky and returning product can be a hassle!

But here’s the ‘Go For It’ level good news: Amazon Warehouse resells product at a huge discount because they were returned with minimal – if any – use! Amazon is simply reselling millions of like-new, open-box, and pre-owned items at a significant discount. The original owner either changed their mind, were dissatisfied, or realized the product wasn’t what they expected, and sent it back. Cheers to your lucky day!

Let’s take a look at a Samsung Galaxy S10+. This product has been on the market for about a year (released in March 2019) and while many consumers have bought the phone, others have changed their mind and returned it. The Unlocked Cell Phones list on Price Tempter shows the Samsung Galaxy S10+ discounted at 30% (as of May 22, 2020). A new, ‘unused,’ Samsung Galaxy S10+ available on Amazon is only discounted 18%. Here is a prime example of a Warehouse deal selling the phone in ‘Used – Like New’ and ‘Used – Very Good’ condition for a bigger discount. Talk about a great deal!

But what does that really mean?  What does ‘Used – Like New’ mean versus ‘Used – Acceptable’ really mean? Since the product has already been in the hands of another owner, Amazon cannot resell the product as ‘New’. To help with accurate labeling,  Amazon developed a set of criteria to assist in determining the returned product’s condition as either: Renewed, Used – Like New, Used – Very Good, Used – Good, Used – Acceptable.

  1. Renewed: These items have been inspected and tested by Amazon and work like new. These products may come repackaged but will include all accessories.
  2. Used – Like New: An item in perfect working condition. Original protective wrapping may be missing. But the product was returned with minor defects.
  3. Used – Very Good: An item has cosmetic damage or blemishes, shows slight signs of use, has minor accessories missing, or the packaging has been replaced to better protect the item.
  4. Used – Good: An item has large cosmetic damage or blemishes and/or missing accessories. It is also possible the packaging has been replaced to better protect the item.
  5. Used – Acceptable: The item shows signs of wear including scratches, dents, and other aesthetic problems. The packaging may have been replaced to better protect the item, manuals may be missing, and the item may contain third-party attachments.

Next time you are shopping on Amazon and see a Warehouse Deal, do not hesitate to consider it! The savings are huge, and the product is more than likely in great condition. Amazon maintains a 100% customer satisfaction rate so buying from ‘Warehouse Deals’ is of no concern. But if you still have apprehensions, head over to Price Tempter and see if the product is reasonably priced. If it is, we’ll tell you to “Go For It!”