Pamper yourself with Premium Skin care

Calling all ladies! The Clarisonic Mia Smart facial cleansing brush is fantastic and currently 43% off on Amazon (as of July 3, 2020); you can buy it for $84.50! Talk about a great deal! Nothing beats having clean and smooth skin – especially in the summertime.

You’ll find this Go For It deal featured in the Premium Skin Care for Women list. Our Premium Skin Care for Women list is perfect for you if you are searching for high quality beauty products. Here you will find several Go For It deals from the Clarisonic brand, but we want to call your attention to the Clarisonic Mia Smart facial cleansing brush. Facial cleansers like this one are proven to be extremely effective in terms of deeply cleansing the skin and rejuvenating it.

You will find numerous video reviews on YouTube for the Clarisonic facial brush but we wanted to call your attention to the review given by Erin Lawrence with Tech Gadgets Canada.

Erin gives a glowing review of the facial cleansing brush and includes a few demos. The facial cleansing brush is compatible with several different heads, each with a different purpose: basic cleansing, sensitive skin cleansing, exfoliating, eye massaging, and foundation blending. Needless to say, the Clarisonic facial brush can do it all – especially if you purchase alternative head attachments.

Go ahead and check out the Clarisonic Mia Smart facial cleansing brush on Price Tempter. It is an excellent facial cleanser with a huge discount! Your skin will thank you.

Shopping Tips

How do I submit my Amazon Wish List?

Remember the Kitchen Aide Standing Mixer you wanted for Christmas last year? Maybe the new Hydro Flask water bottle you could never justify purchasing? Perhaps you are waiting for a reason to upgrade your laptop or tablet? Or you simply want a new portable Bose speaker?

Unfortunately, there are always purchases we want to make, but we wait for someone to gift it, or for the price to drop enough to indulge. Either way, your Wish List does not have to remain in your imagination! Let Price Tempter track prices for you and notify you when there are significant price drops for the products you want.

Before Price Tempter can start tracking prices for you, you need to add all of the products you have been waiting to buy or receive as a gift to your wish list. This includes the: standing kitchen aide mixer, cordless Dyson vacuum, portable Bose speaker, desktop monitor, laptop, baby stroller, hydro flask, or even a quilt – wherever the wind blows you! Let your imagination run wild and add anything you may need or want in the future and find yourself ahead of the game in knowing when prices drop.

You will never regret being prepared – and may I add – aware of great deals! But after you have idealized your wish list, you need to take action.

Steps to create a wish list on Amazon and submit it to Price Tempter

  1. Go to Amazon and scroll over your “Account & Lists”.
  2. You can “Create a List” or edit an existing one.
  3. Once you have created a list, browse for products you want to purchase in the future. Consider products you will need and want.
  4. If you know you will need a new vacuum for your house or apartment, try searching for “dyson cordless vacuum cleaner”.
  5. Click on one of the search results and review the product details page. On the right side of the page below the buy box, you can add the product to a list – add the vacuum to whichever list you want tracked by Price Tempter.
  6. Continue shopping! Repeat steps 4 & 5 until you have added everything you may need or want to your wish list.
  7. Navigate to Price Tempter.
  8. Click on the “Your Account & Login” icon in the top right corner of the page.
  9. Follow the instructions outlined on the page by first clicking on your wish list.
  10. Tap “Send list to others” link on the top right of the wish list page. (On mobile, tap “…” icon first.)
  11. Click “view only” and then “copy link”.
  12. Paste the link into the box on the right and submit.

Submitting your wish list is easy and takes no longer than a couple minutes! The time-consuming part is figuring out all of the products you need and want – but if we are being honest, the latter is more fun!