Shopping Tips

Eliminate Trustbusters and Optimize your Page

40% of product detail pages on Amazon are not reaching their full potential. We reviewed 50+ best-selling products and saw that nearly half have at least one trustbuster on their page. Trustbusters will lose you sales day in and day out. But you can easily fix them.

As ex-Amazonians, we have a unique knowledge of how customers shop eCommerce. If you want to increase your sales on Amazon or any eCommerce platform – start with two objectives: focus on customer trust and make the shopping experience as simple and clear as possible. Customers want a low risk transaction that requires minimal effort to understand the core shopping questions – what is this product, is it the one for me, and how do I get it?

Eliminate all Trustbusters

Customers are wary of eCommerce transactions – every pixel they see increases or reduces their trust in the transaction as safe and low risk. 

What is a trustbuster? A trustbuster is anything that leaves the customer wary or confused with your product. Many SKU’s on Amazon shoot themselves in the foot and lose sales because of bad images, confusing titles, and poorly written product descriptions. Customers prefer a clean, beautifully merchandised display over a cluttered disorganized showroom – whether brick & mortar or online. Absurdly long titles, exaggerated claims, and low-quality images all indicate to a customer that this is high risk transaction.

Don’t sabotage your sales – invest in images, shorten your titles, focus your product descriptions, and create enhanced content.


Pictures are a powerful tool to quickly answer the customers question of what your product is. Create a gallery of images that highlight the product; show the product in context and how it fits into the overall brand line. Videos of the product in use are worth considering – how many unboxing videos are out there being watched?  Put your best videos in the product gallery.

We recommend you photograph every angle of the product and ensure the shopper knows what the product will look like. You should also be sure to provide images of your product in natural settings where it will be used; if that is in the kitchen, then show your product sitting on the countertop. Photographing the product where it will be used will give the shopper a better idea of its actual size and what it will look like in real life. Lastly, avoid computerized images! Of course, use your best judgement, but remember that computerized images can be trustbusters.

If all the customers saw was an image gallery – would they have a great answer to what the product is and whether its right for them?


The title of your product must be clear. Many titles on eCommerce websites are cluttered and long. Take a step back and simplify it. Using lO is not customer focused. A commonly held belief is that long and keyword optimized titles help with SEO – this is not customer focused, and it is a trustbuster. Remember, all of the keyword content you are flooding your title with is in your product details – search engines will find it, focus on gaining the customers trust.

Instead of inserting as many words into the title as possible, simplify it by simply including, in this order, the brand name, the official name of the product, and perhaps the top 2-3 features relevant to the type of product (I.e. Brand Name Button Down Men’s, No Iron Athletic Fit Dress Shirt). With a clear title, the customer will know what your product is and will feel more assured in their purchase. They will find the rest of the details when they want them, in the product description.

Product Details

Again, simplicity is key! The product details section to the right of the images needs to be clean and easily readable. Capitalizing, boldening, underlining, and bracketing only confuses the customer, or they ignore it altogether!

We also recommend you tone down the sales lingo; be sure to inform them of your products’ key features, but do not bombard them with an essay screaming the product benefits. The best way to use this space is to keep your bullets short and to the point. Do this by anchoring the customer at the beginning of the bullet with what your product offers. Look at all the comments in customer reviews to see what customers want other customers to know.  Consider lifting this information to the product details.

Enhanced Content

While many customers do not scroll down to the enhanced content section on an Amazon product details page, you still have a great opportunity to optimize this section and provide additional information about your product in more detail.

Instead of simply copying in a basic product description, take some time to create graphics that depict additional features and benefits of your product. Graphic overlays and text boxes work excellently here. Get creative and shine a bright light on your product! This section in the product details page is also your prime opportunity to depict your brand personality. Consider decomposing this content into smaller pieces that can also be used in the product image gallery.

Safe & Simple Shopping

As you optimize your product images, clean up your product titles, simplify your product details section, and get creative with your enhanced content, you will eliminate trustbusters and your sales will increase! Don’t do it just once, treat your page like a showroom. Keep it updated with periodic reviews and testing. Try new images and product bullets to keep the page fresh and engage customers in a new way.

Our combined 25 years at Amazon taught us a great deal about tried and tested best practices. Trust us and optimize your product listing page.