Shopping Tips

All You Need Is Price Tempter and Patience

There are a few kinds of Amazon shoppers: Diligent Dan, Hopeless Hannah, and Smart Sally. While there is no right way to shop on Amazon, we believe there is a best way with Price Tempter.

Diligent Dan

Diligent Dan knows the ins and outs of ecommerce. He knows where to check for the best deals and knows when and why prices are dropping. He often finds himself thinking, “I am an expert Amazon shopper. I know where to cross-reference prices and which plugins to use. I may spend hours monitoring prices, but it pays off”

Is Diligent Dan going overboard? Perhaps. If you are a Diligent Dan, there is hope. Free up hours of your time and head over to Price Tempter – we will do the heavy lifting for you.

Hopeless Hannah

Hopeless Hannah cannot be bothered finding deals on Amazon. She wants to place her order and move on. She firmly believes, “In my case, the products I am shopping for are rarely discounted, so it does me no good to be patient shopping on Amazon.”

Hannah may feel there is no hope, but there is. For almost every product on Amazon, you can expect the price to fluctuate. We currently see select wireless earbuds discounted up to 64%! Become a Hopeful Hannah and let Price Tempter notify you of price drops on your wish list!

Smart Sally

Smart Sally joined the Price Tempter family early on and has seen consistent savings since. Price Tempter tracks the prices of her Amazon wish list and other lists she subscribes to. Smart Sally waits patiently for Price Tempter to notify her of ‘Go For It’ recommendations and then makes her purchase.

How can you be like Smart Sally? It is easy.

  1. Go to Price Tempter and create an account linked to your email account.
  2. Submit your Amazon wish list to Price Tempter and we will track the prices and make recommendations on when is best to buy.
  3. Subscribe to other Price Tempter lists like Top Rated Apple Products and receive notifications for them as well.
  4. Purchase whatever and whenever you want and save money!
  5. Spend less time searching for deals and more time with your family and friends.

Be like Smart Sally. Save money. Save time. Save sanity. Most importantly, be patient and use Price Tempter.

Subscribe to Price Tempter today.